Force empty trash in OS X

If you decide to empty the trash in OS X, and end up getting an error or otherwise not seeing the contents delete (it happens many times), first try holding the Option key when emptying, which will invoke the OS X Force Empty feature, bypassing things like file locks and removing any file you have […]

Non far arrabbiare il tuo amico NERD

Ognuno di noi ha almeno un amico nerd. Il nerd è quella figura un pò strana che passa ore ed ore davanti a ad un portatile e schermi LCD di computer ( e probabilmente ne ha almeno due, se non tre, nella propria camera). Il nerd è un profondo conoscitore della rete, degli strumenti che la rete mette a disposizione, ne […]

Facebook Debugger for Open Graph Properties

One of the cool feature Facebook provides, is the capability to share a link in our wall stream and post a preview image about that’s link/page/site. Many times we see Youtube video shared on Facebook, and just on the left of the video title, there’s a thumbnail with a preview of the video. That’s cool, […]

Change hosts file in OS X

type this command in a terminal shell: sudo vi /private/etc/hosts It will ask for root password and then you will be able to edit your hosts file in the great VI terminal editor. After editing hosts fils, clean your DNS cache running this command: dscacheutil -flushcache You have to close and open the browser to […]

Tumblr Backup

If your running a Tumblr blog, you may consider to backup you data. The Tumblr staff has released an app that do this for you. Just log in with you email and password, the app will connect to Tumblr server, gather all of your stuffs, pack it and store somewhere on your hard disk (well, […]