That’s why i am a runner

I am a runner. I believe I am a real runner. Everytime and everywhere I go by car or foot, I think how much time I could run to cover the same distance.

I started running 6 years ago, but in the last two years, I can say I am a real runner and my running mate Daria is one of the person that transmitted the passion for this gear.

The last 10 months were incredibly strange. I had my mind set full time on two different thoughts: training for my first marathon and something I want to call “the icecube thing” (it’s something I don’t want to explain).

13 years ago, I’ve been in a surgeon room to fix my right knee and 4 years ago I was in that room again for a slipped disk on my back. These kind of surgeries are not compatible with running, but I am not a guy that take life as it comes. I challenged myself in these years to find the way to get here, just 2 days before taking off for New York and heading to my first marathon. I’ve spit blood and pain, I’ve spent time to work out on my abs to move my body load from back to the front side and ease the pain off my vertebraes. I ran so much and so hard to gain breath, endurance and stamina. I’ve changed my life and my body to fit in these needs. I suffered too much but never gave up. That’s me. That’s the reason why I run. It’s my own achivement, my line crossing, against me getting aged, against my tendeons and muscles, against my every often injuries and most important of all, it’s me challenging my mind, each and every time.

I set my mind on the icecube thing for months beside the running, and I’ve tried to follow it but it was a different ending apart from the run. It was a costant thought while training and running, and even if not everything ends the way you think it should, I cannot sweep it away easly (it’s probably due to the fact I got no reaction – it’s like a black hole with no replies at all, or it’s just a useless thing, who knows).

Anyway, here I am, thinking “did I trained myself enough for a marathon?”, “Am I ready to run 26.2 miles?”. I plan to run for 4 hours, with no stops. It will be my day, my moment. I’ve spent the last 10 months training my mind and my body for that, for my first New York Marathon. I still think of the icecube sometimes, but I have to be focused on my marathon, something I want and something I hardly believe in. I will cross that finish line, in any way, even if I have to do that on my hands.