Why I Love to Run in the Rain

When I need to unload the anger, a stressful day, some heavy thoughts or just want to feel the fatigue of an intense workout, I do really need to grab my running shoes and go out to eat the road, no matters if it’s summer or winter, morning or evening.
But if it’s a rainy day, come on, that’s a perfect moment to have a fresh wet lovely fun running.
Why I love to run in the rain: I won’t be overheating, find less people on the road and let’s say, I feel like a real badass, when everyone else is heading for the treadmill, I can be proud of myself for braving the elements.
But the most important thing about running in the rain, is running through puddles, get muddy and have fun, like when I was a child. I just want to play, feel youthful again by hitting the wet pavement. (inspired post)