Happy Birthday Ingo.

Today, Ingo Schwichtenberg would have celebrated 50 years. Happy birthday Ingo.

Ingo was the drummer and one of the founding members of German power metal band Helloween (wiki)

Initially, the band was called “Iron First”, but after watching the movie “Halloween” Ingo suggested to change the name into “Helloween”, with an “e” instead of an “a”.

He was famous for his high-energy drumming. His Helloween bandmates gave him the nickname, “Mr. Smile”, because he often appeared to be cheerful and smiling.

Each time I seat and play my drums, my mind goes back to him.

There are many types of hero for a kid, Ingo is still mine after 20 years.

Full Name: Ingo Schwichtenberg
Born: May 18, 1965 – Hamburg, Germany
Died: March 8, 1995 – Hamburg, Germany
ingo schwichtenberg
ingo schwichtenberg
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