a man can do everything when he is driven by his heart [RUNNING]

Last week, I had myself a new tattoo. It’s based on an idea I got before heading to New York in 11/2009 whereI ran my first marathon ever, the ING NY Marathon 2009 (40th anniversary).
The tattoo should have been done only if I succeded in finishing the run…and so I did, so I had to do that tattoo. I just needed the right mood to ink it on my skin, forever. The time has come now (well, last week).

NYC 2k9 (4cm high x 8cm wide)

The tattoo is positioned in inner left calf.

nyc 2k9 tattoo artist

You may think I’m too exalted or too crazy about running but trust me, I am not. I dont think that running is my life. I just run for fun, I run to keep my body healty, my mind young, to dump the stress and burn the fats.
That tattoo is it’s not just about running. It’s about trying hard and accomplish a task and an objective in life.
I did a marathon. I mean, I ran for 4hours and 23 minutes with no stops for 42km and 195 meters. It’s a long distance. at least, it is to me. I had a surgery to my right knee in ’96 and a second one to remove a slipped disc from my back in 2006. I was fat, awkward and far from being a “sportsman”. But I decide to run at the finish line, and I did just because I wanted to, I wanted so hard with my heart and my mind that I did it.
It took me months of training, of pain, I did moments of discouragement. I start running half marathon for a year before the big event and then moved forward and start training for the marathon.
This tattoo means, to me, that I did a venture, an achievement that seemed unreachable to me just 5 years ago.
I wanted this tatto to remember me that a man can do everything when he is driven by passion, desire and by his heart.